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Con - Conflict
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7. Conflict

Con - Dirty
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5. Dirty

Con - Sonic
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3. Sonic

Change of plans

Hey Guys. I’ve decide to only post main songs on tumblr, which is a bummer because the intermission songs really made the demo flow. I will be posting the full demo on Soundcloud after I post the main songs up on here, but with only being aloud to post one song a day, I figure one minute songs would be a waist of a day. Track 3 will be up tomorrow. Thanks

Con - Outcast
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1. Outcast

Instrumental Demo

Hey guys, I have a new instrumental demo coming within a week. The tape flows from one song to another with Interludes and additions. It’s genre is hard to explain, but it is enjoyable. I’ll post more when available. Thanks

-Conor Lynch