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good luck…Album Release; April 6th In the Morning

Mental Metamorphisis (Wes7) | conlynchlynch (Con)

New Con Beat, New Wes7 Check it out

Correction on the Link
It’s been a While

Hey, it’s been a while but Im starting a new tape. It should be done by September, and It will be a solid tape. I am really looking forward to starting the crazy music process over again, actually I don’t think Ive been more excited to do so. Check out the soundcloud if you havent already, Thanks for the support


Con - Us
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Con - No Thoughts
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12. No Thoughts

Con - Kill the Chickens, Scare the Monkeys
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10. Kill the Chickens, Scare the Monkeys (Mind)

Con - Insomnia
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9. Insomnia